I'm happy to help!

Rightly or wrongly, our dogs' behaviors are often seen as a reflection of our ownership.

And, I am reminded of the saying, “the prettiest dog behaving badly is seen as an ugly dog whereas the ugliest dog behaving impeccably is viewed as the cutest”.

All private training sessions are tailored to each individual owner and dog/s covering all aspects of pet dog training and behavior including:

* loose leash walking 

* coming when called 

* outdoor toilet training 

* appropriate & fun play skills 

* helping fearful dogs gain confidence 

* resource guarding reduction 

* territorialism reducing 

* over-reactivity to other dogs, people or environmental surprises

My goal is to help you to be proud and confident in your dog's good manners as a valued member of your community.  

Play forms a large part of my training so be prepared to have fun! 


This fun, 4-week, outdoor course teaches the basics of tracking and is designed to gets dogs and handlers working as team mates to find valuable items we lose either outside or in the home. Training is reward-based using play elements and food. 

In class you will need: two identical toys your dog likes to play with, high value treats, lower value dry kibble, your regular walking leash, a longer leash (between 10 & 20 feet ) and an article you are always losing like keys, sun glasses, cell phone, etc.  

Trainings are one hour and fifteen minutes in length with breaks for the dogs and of course tea & British biscuits for us! 





Your dog's nose loves to track! 

Surely you’ve seen him do so on walks with his nose low to the ground or lifted high in the air. 

The sport of tracking harnesses this natural talent by demonstrating dogs' instinctual proficiency to follow the scent of one particular person, the tracklayer, over various kinds of terrain. Each level of competition features greater challenges like: a longer, well-aged track, more directional turns and multiple scent articles.

Expanding basic training! ​

Taking inspiration from United Kingdom field working dogs, this fast-paced, 4- week training class encapsulates your dog's breed specific attributes.  

Dogs learn: chasing-recall back to the owner, "blind" retrieval of items at a distance, how to follow directional cues like "left", "right", "forward", "back",  and "stop" at a distance.  Training these new skills via game play will enrich your dog's ability to respond appropriately to everyday temptations such as birds, vermin, other dogs and to enjoy outdoor adventures in a whole new light. 

Mental agility has long been proven to tire dogs quickly making this course ideal for dogs with high energy or require more help with impulse control.  

These fun, interactive, training classes are one hour fifteen minutes long and rely more on positive reinforcement play than treats. Although, in a class setting trainings may be individualized to utilize your dog’s innate talents to their full extent. 

In class you will need:  two identical toys and two identical balls your dog likes to play with, high value treats and low value dry kibble, your regular leash and a longer leash (between 10 & 20 feet).