"that British trainer"

About paul




In the Bay Area, I am fondly referred to as "that British trainer" and I hope I bring a new and unique outlook on dog training. With over 15 years of professional experience in the United Kingdom, I  have come to understand that training and behavior modification are primarily about the partnership between owners and their dogs.  My focus is equal parts: empathetic understanding with an owner's needs and understanding dogs' breed characteristics and how to motivate them.

My participation in educational courses throughout Great Britain, Ireland, USA and India have helped to shape my knowledge and skills.  And, my personal journey continues to give me joy and surprises in the pursuit of helping owners and their dogs build trusting and loving relationships that truly make dogs our best friends.

Like most trainers, I was bitten (no pun intended!) by the training bug when working with my own dog "Maisie" at my local dog club.  Together we enjoyed the weekly challenges and the club training team invited me to teach others where I excelled to be senior instructor.  Today, I am the club chairman.

My educational and hands-on training experiences have helped me create my own "tool box" filled with positive reinforcement tools to remedy any given training issue. There are no, one-size-fits-all solutions in dog training! 

Training dogs has allowed me to visit some amazing countries and meet equally amazing people who have very kindly imparted to me their knowledge and skills.  I have attended training workshops in India with John Rogerson helping to assist two years later in a 21 day training workshop with trainers from all over the world. I have undertaken training courses with Dr. Ian Dunbar (puppies and development), Pam Whyte (natural dog training), Richard Edge (suburban gun dog training), Ray Coppinger (canine origin and evolution), Trevor Cooper (canine law) to name but a few. I am also a UK Kennel Club Gold Level Good Citizens Examiner.  My education continues and will continue as this ever changing field requires me to keep up to date with the latest research and training techniques.

I believe in training for real life.  And, I want to equip dogs and owners for everything they are going to need and encounter in their daily lives.